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Tee+Positive (Tee+) is a clothing initiative of The Wilding Project*. We make +VE graphics and designs dedicated to our love of movement and reverence for the natural world. And we make them available on clothing and accessories that are environmentally responsible.



You will see some stock images when using our unique ONLINE DESIGNER tool but you will also find UNIQUE designs made by REAL ARTISTS who all share something in common: a love of movement and nature. Their creations refelct this passion. Designers come from (so far) Australia, Copenhagen, Croatia and Japan. Tee+ is merchandise with a story to tell and themes to inspire.


"Merchanise with a soul!"



All Tee+ products:

- are certified socially and environmentally responsible (Child Labour Free or W.R.A.P certification board)

- are made from recycled ink from the Cartridges for Planet Ark program

- donate a percentage of the profit to the Clean Clothes Campaign.


The Wilding Project

The Wilding Project (TWP) is an exercise and fitness initiative in Perth, Western Australia. The goal of TWP is to bring the benefits of whole body natural movement (we call it REWILDING) to children, young people, adults and seniors. REWILDING is not just a style of whole body training program, it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that focusses on healthy eating, nutritious movement, a reverence for nature, mindfulness practices and thoughtful purchases.

VISIT: www.olympicfunfitness.com.au to find out more about The Wilding Project.



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